Advanced technologies involved in network convergence: sdn & nfv

International Journal of Development Research

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Advanced technologies involved in network convergence: sdn & nfv

Shaikh Abdul Azeem and Dr. Satyendra Kumar Sharma


The “anywhere and anytime connectivity” have been increasingly delivered by the recent developments in wireless communications. Wireless networks refer to any type of computer network that is not connected by any kind of cables. The convergence of technological advancements has a great impact on the success of the modernization of information systems as well as with the telecommunications systems. Nowadays, the trend is moving towards a fully virtualised environment in which even storage and networks are controlled by means of software. New concepts came into the scenario like SDS (Software-Defined Storage), SDN (Software-Defined Networking) and SDDC (Software-Defined Datacentre)/HCI. In IT networking, siloed legacy infrastructure that takes time to manage, requires multiple teams to provision and deploy, and eats up too much power, sunk costs and scarce budgets. Virtualization and automation were supposed to relieve some of this burden. This paper discusses about how SDN & NFV technologies are becoming a building block for network convergence & helpful to manage traffic problems in converged network.

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