Analysis agrarian systems of the oases of the area of kanem in chad

International Journal of Development Research

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Analysis agrarian systems of the oases of the area of kanem in chad

Mahamat Mallah CHOUKOU, Gauthier BIAOU, Afio ZANNOU and Bonaventure AHOHUENDO


The objective of this article is to restore the analysis of the agrarian system, to identify and characterize the production and farming systems in the oases. For that, several types of investigations were carried out between June and September 2014. The study reveals that the first primitive inhabitants of the area of Kanem come from the various corners of the continent and were established at various places of the oases between 5000 and 8000 years before J. C and ended up constituting the Kanembou ethnos group. The Saharan pastors arrive in the zone of study approximately more than 10 000 years. Their slip towards the South is caused by the last arid phase which causes the turning into a desert of the Sahara, the draining of sea paléo-chadian. Indeed, various systems of production can be distinguished. Differentiation between systems being given on the one hand by the means of production available to the exploitations and on the other hand, by the productive combinations; these two factors make it possible to set up a typology of exploitation. Thus, of typologies of the owners based on the use or not of the farm equipments and fertilizers were built and allowed the identification of four farming systems then four others of production. The analysis reveals that the exploitations oasiennes of Kanem are in general under-equipped and cruelly miss agricultural accesses to the provisioning of intrants.

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