Analyzing the determinants of import demand in cameron

International Journal of Development Research

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Analyzing the determinants of import demand in cameron

Moses A. Ofeh and Evina A. Ofeh


With the world becoming more and more of a global village, countries involved in trade do not strife only for the quantity of goods but also for a certain quality standard. The paper aims at identifying and evaluating some of the variables determining import demand in Cameroon. A descriptive and analytical approach using multiple regressions is exploited using World Bank data from 1980 to 2011 to estimate the parameters of a parsimonious import demand function. The results obtained showed that real gross domestic product and the real effective exchange rate have a positive significant effect on import demand, while inflation rate at consumer price index had no significant effect on import demand. The study then recommends that Cameroon should maintain international relation ties and use an open market operation policy when necessary so as to influence import demand either negatively or positively.

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