Assess the prevalence of varicose vein among home weavers

International Journal of Development Research

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Assess the prevalence of varicose vein among home weavers

Kala Bharathi, S. and Vendam, N.V.


Aim of the study: To assess the prevalence among varicose vein. Background: Varicose vein are very swollen and raised above the surface of the skin. High rate of varicose vein are seen as occupational hazards among weavers. Long standing is one of the important occupational problems among weavers. Design: cross sectional descriptive design. Methods: Purposive sampling method was used. A total of 30 weavers participated in the study. Venous clinical severity score assessment was used to assess the prevalence of varicose vein. Result: Out of 30 samples 3(10%) had mild varicose, 22(73.3%) had moderate and 5(16.6%) had severe. Conclusion: This study indicates that more varicose vein is common in rural area weavers. Its due to prolong standing which was the main cause for varicose vein. Educating the rural weavers about physical activity and importance of physical activity can reduce the varicose vein among the rural weavers.

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