Assessment of chronic pain

International Journal of Development Research

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Assessment of chronic pain

Safinaz Ataoğlu, Handan Ankaralı and Seyit Ankaralı


Pain is briefly described as: “if patient says "I have pain", it is true and it is exists”. Pain is a very important sign because it is a symptom of illness. Pain types are classified in various forms, but the most widely used and clinically important classification is the classification according to the duration of the pain as chronic and acute. The characteristic features of chronic pain, causes and consequences are more important. Since chronic pain is complex, it is of utmost importance to examine the behavior of pain, to elicit its causes, and to discuss the physical and psychological consequences of pain. Pain, which is a subjective experience, but it is transformed to objective form by using scales. One dimensional scales such as visual analogue scales cannot efficiently evaluate the complex structure of chronic pain because of the disadvantages of these instruments and because pain measures only as intensity. In addition some multidimensional instruments have found such as Mc Gill Melzack Pain Questionnaire that perform behavioral analysis of the pain. The subjective nature of the pain makes it difficult to assess of pain, and raises doubts about the reliability and validity of measurement. A scale that accurately assesses pain is not yet available. In conclusion, since chronic pain becomes a life style in the patient, for the better definition of the complex pain model, there is a need to develop a measurement tool that will analyze the model well and be easily understood by the patient.

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