Assessment of existing clothing pattern and satisfaction level of elderly women

Meenu Srivastava and Shikha Dashora

The present investigation was undertaken to assess existing clothing pattern and satisfaction level of elderly women residing in Udaipur city by using survey method. Random selection of 40 elderly women in the age range of 65 to 70 years from Mathushree mahila club and Varishth Mahila Prakoshth of Vigyan samiti, Udaipur formed the sample. The data was personally collected by the researcher through developed structured interview schedule. Findings revealed that majority of the respondents (65%) purchased their clothing from local market in dark colour (47.5%) and medium weight fabric (42.5%), tailor stitched and majority of the respondents (70%) were feeling comfortable and protected in their present clothing. It was observed that 25 to 45 per cent of respondents were less satisfied with their existing clothing wardrobe.

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