Assessment of level of awareness on electronic junk in the city of luziânia

International Journal of Development Research

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Assessment of level of awareness on electronic junk in the city of luziânia

Ernane Rosa Martins, Henrique Xavier de Oliveira, Luciano Gonçalves da Silva Pereira and João Paulo Alcantara Pedroso


This work aims to analyze the level of awareness of the population of the city of Luziânia regarding the use and disposal of electronic waste. Through a qualitative exploratory case study, the research included bibliographical research and semi-structured interviews. Electronic junk (e-waste) is composed of materials of information technology and communication in disuse, having in its structure highly polluting substances. These materials have grown significantly with increasing population and rapid obsolescence. In Brazil, the alternatives of their final destination are still projects of innovative entities, but there are no national management directives, in addition to not having reliable estimates of their volume, and legislation in force to know their negative impacts. It is known that e-waste contaminates the environment by the presence of metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium in its composition. The results found in this study demonstrated possible new actions to raise awareness about the best use and sustainable solutions in improving the living conditions of the population.

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