Asymptotic analysis of stoichiometric hydrogen- air flames

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Asymptotic analysis of stoichiometric hydrogen- air flames

Régis S. de Quadros, Rafaela Sehnem, Daniela Buske and Álvaro L. de Bortoli


This paper shows a mechanism for hydrogen combustion, an important submechanism in hydrocarbon oxidation and biofuels. Once exposed the equations derived from the chemical kinetics and concentration rates of each species involved, the complete mechanism of hydrogen oxidation is displayed. The strategy for obtaining a reduced mechanism with two reactions consists of four steps. This method involves the use of assumptions of steady-state for species and partial equilibrium for reactions. Jacobian matrices have extremely high stiffness ratio, which complicates the implementation of explicit methods. Thus, the fourth-order Rosenbrock method is applied with four stages, adaptive step control and specific parameters. The code is verified and shows good results for both the Robertson model and the reduced mechanism presented.

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