Attitude towards english language acquisition

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Attitude towards english language acquisition

Tania Khastgir and Susmita Neogi


English has acquired the status of a link language all over the world and the importance of being educated in English cannot be denied. The main challenge is that students from both English and vernacular medium schools face difficulties in acquisition of the English language which often acts as a barrier to higher education and better career opportunities. Researchers in Second Language Acquisition have developed many theories about the process of Second Language Acquisition and enquired about the various causes facilitating and retarding Second Language Acquisition. It has been observed that apart from learning strategies, individual learner differences such as attitude, motivation and exposure to the language are also of great relevance to Second Language Acquisition research. In the present study an attempt has been made to find out the influence of the medium of education at the secondary level on the attitude towards English language. A sample of 100 college students has been selected purposively. Standardized tool has been administered to assess the attitude. Descriptive statistics and ANOVA have been computed and the results suggest that medium of instruction has significant influence on 3 dimensions of attitude towards English learning. The findings imply the importance of exposure to the language and attitude towards the language in Second Language Acquisition research.

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