Bamboo as alternative material in ecological jewelry

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Bamboo as alternative material in ecological jewelry

Alejandra Ortiz Hernández, D.I.


The purpose of this research was to design ecological jewelry through alternative materials such as bamboo otate, to generate environmental responsibility. Nowadays, products with low environmental impact are realized, in this sense the bamboo otate was an ideal alternative, because it is the plant with greater growth in the world, being able to be used since the two years of growth for artisanal purposes, it is a renewable resource and totally sustainable, in six months reaches a height of 60 meters, it has a high durability giving it a permanent finish. In the creative stage, sketches of pieces were projected to be weared for women with a range of age between 25 and 35 years old with average economic level. About the structural design, basic forms were taken under the concept of "strength", giving great power to the pieces. The methodology of Victor Papanek with an ecological approach was taken as the fundamental axis of the project. Bamboo treatments were given as: carving, polishing and varnishing and some other elements. In conclusion it was found that it is possible the application of bamboo in the design of ecological jewelry because it has the characteristics of strength and aesthetics required

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