Behavior of organization culture in the public service bureaucracy

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Behavior of organization culture in the public service bureaucracy

Dr. Iskandar, Sumardi and Dr. Zulkarnain Umar


This study aims to describe the behavior of bureaucracy in the public service, which is the result of several studies or research on the behavior of bureaucracy as a public servant, based on the activities of the comparative study of the state administration in the field of public services; to enhance research activities or field research related to policy formulation process of public service, implementation process of public service, and product evaluation of public service. We expect that the research results would be useful for State Administration: a) to create concepts and new theories on the culture of bureaucratic behavior as a public service; b) to formally compare the laws and regulations that exist as a cornerstone in the formulation of public services; c) to act on facts and data in the field. The research method used in this research is descriptive and qualitative method, which describe the behavior of the bureaucracy in providing services to the public. Results and discussion have shown that in general the government bureaucracy is still using kinship force in providing services to the community, bureaucracy service has not been able to provide a satisfactory service, and the change in its culture is a result of the demands on the administrative reformation of the bureaucracy in the public service as the satisfaction of the public service.

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