Benefits of perceived by individuals actively and passively participating in recreation activities

Ezgi Ertuzun and Beyza Merve Akgul

The recreation types of individuals started to vary with the changing world, depending upon the regional differences or their country conditions. The effects of recreation activities becoming the requirement of the changing world on people by active and passive participation arouse interest. Starting from this point of view, in this study, the benefits perceived from leisure by people actively and passively participating in recreation activities were examined from physical, psychological and social aspects. 435 adults aged 20 and above randomly selected from Ankara and Konya provinces who would represent the level of income and the gender distribution in universe participated in the study. The Leisure Benefits Scale developed by Ho (2008) was used in this study. The measurement tool measures the physical, psychological and social effects of leisure on people. The Turkish version of this scale has been made by Akgul and Ertuzun (2015), which is a 5 point likert type measurement tool consisting of 24 items. In the study, it was determined that active participants living with art and culture psychologically provided a positive benefit from these activities.

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