Biodegradation of xenobiotics- a way for environmental detoxification

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Biodegradation of xenobiotics- a way for environmental detoxification

Dr. Romi Singh


Man-made compounds, also known as xenobiotics, are often refractory to degradation. The main reason is that they cannot be recognized by naturally present organisms and therefore do not enter common metabolic pathways. The physical and chemical characteristics of the compounds, as well as environmental factors, may influence their biodegradability. The main degraders in nature are microorganisms, mostly bacteria and some fungi. These organisms, due to their rapid rates of multiplication and great metabolic potential, are able to adapt to new substrates. Selection of degradative potent microorganisms and their successive adaptation to a naturally persistent compound might be a powerful means for environmental detoxification. Better understanding of metabolic pathways for the biodegradation of specific organic compounds as well as more thorough knowledge of degrading microorganisms will make purposeful application of biodegradation possible. This article is focused on the different properties of microbial degradation of xenobiotics.

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