Bug tracking systems on the basis of platform and functionality

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Bug tracking systems on the basis of platform and functionality

Vanita Jain, Kanav Mehta, Yogesh Khurana and Mayank Kharbanda


A Bug Tracking System defines a streamlined process for bug reporting, bug assignment, status, severity, duplicity and priority. Bug tracking is a system which is used to keep a track of any type of bugs in any software. It helps the software developers to know what the error is so that they can resolve it and learn from it. This can be easily done by using various Bug Tracking Systems. Working on a software project includes the management of bugs we find. At first, we might list them on a spreadsheet. But as the number of bugs increases and a lot of people must access and input data on them, the use of spreadsheet becomes infeasible and instead use a bug- or an issue-tracking system. In this research paper we compare six leading Bug Tracking Systems i.e. Bug Genie, Bug Zilla, Bug Tracker, Mantis, I Tracker & Web Issues. This provides an insight to select an appropriate choice to enhance software development process and be more productive. We have distinguished the mentioned systems on the basis of platform and on the basis of functionality. We are proposing a framework for the Bug Tracking System which includes two additional features i.e. Duplicate Bug Detection and Automatic Bug Assignment. These features are not present in any of the existing six Bug Tracking Systems as mentioned in the literature, hence eventually removed the drawbacks of these systems.

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