Campus recreation

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Campus recreation

Tayfun KARA


The corresponding term for campus in the Turkish Language Association is all open and closed social areas of the university built outside the city. It refers to all areas where people in the campus meet their social needs about health, wellness, social friendship, relaxation, entertainment and sports. Especially green spaces within the campus are suitable for recreational activities. Green spaces should be kept wide in line with physical possibilities. It is necessary to diversify campus recreation areas considering the differences between people. A further planning should be done for the disabled individuals. Students studying in the department of recreation, who have been trained in this field, should be preferred regarding the operation of the campus recreation facilities. Universities that have little or no social area and green space need to overcome these shortcomings. The studies have revealed that the universities having insufficient campus recreation have a negative effect notably on students, as well as personnel working at the campus.

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