Central venous catheter self-care among patients undergoing dialysis

International Journal of Development Research

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Central venous catheter self-care among patients undergoing dialysis

Eliana Lessa Cordeiro, Tânia Maria da Silva, Liniker Scolfild Rodrigues da Silva, Claire Souza de Araújo, Giselly Danielly Arruda de Lima, Yanna Karla Macário Lopes and Daniella Pontes Matos


It aimed to verify the self-care of patients undergoing dialysis with Central Venous Catheter (CVC), identifying the social profile and listing the actions of self-care with the device. This is a descriptive exploratory study of a quantitative approach, carried out in a Dialysis Clinic in the State of Pernambuco; the data were collected through questionnaires and interviews with 59 patients undergoing treatment in the period of September 2016, and then compiled on Excel software, for the presentation of the variables. Among the participants, 33.91% are under treatment for more than 3 years. Sum 67.80% already in possessed from 1 to 4 devices and 47.01% have been careful not to wet the dressing/catheter, the guidelines were held at 71.20% by nurses, 67.81% reported that the risk of using this type of access is the risk of infection only 30.50%, unaware of any risks and 32.20% report having difficulties with the CVC. It is concluded that the patients have some knowledge about their catheter care, but they are not fully clarified. Given this, it is necessary to make amends and studies dealing with this subject, supporting protocols aimed at the care in home. In this way we seek to contribute to the preparation of a newsletter, as a complement to our studies.

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