Child behaviour anxious problem among school going children of Lucknow City

Nidhi Verma, Dr. Indu Banal and Dr. Suman Prasad Maurya

Anxiety is a normal part of childhood, and every child goes through phases. When children become anxious more easily, more often and more intensely than other children, they may be diagnosed with an anxious disorder. Having an anxious (‘internalizing’ behaviour) temperament often means that children react more to threats in the environment. The 20% primary schools from each zone were selected from the list based on the availability and permission granted by the school authorities to conduct the study. The class teachers of IV and V class were introduced by the principal. A rapport with the teacher was built and academic results of the last session of the students, of their class were obtained. A list of higher achievers (10%) and lower achiever (10%) from each class and school was prepared for inclusion as sample. Thus, a total of 1240 students selected. Based on the child behaviour check list obtained from the parents, it was found that most of the children (59.52%) were anxious sometime, 32.58 per cent were never anxious and only a few (7.90%) were more anxious. Teachers Report Form (TRF) revealed that most children of the study (65.40%) were anxious sometimes while 31.45% were never anxious. Rest of the children (3.15%) were anxious for more times. The study also examined a case of child with more times anxious behaviour and provided appropriate intervention and evaluated it.

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