A comparative study of various screening methods to screen clinically suspected rheumatoid arthritis patients

Singh, T. B., Ausaf Ahmad and Usha

Background and Objectives: The body mistakenly considers some parts of its own system as pathogen and attack them, are known as autoimmune diseases. The auto-immune diseases are Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA), SLE, etc. are growing day by day worldwide. Till date no aetiological agents are documented for this disease. This study is carried out to with objective to find out the screening accuracy of RF and AntiCCP.
Method: The study is based on 290 clinically suspected subjects. Cross-sectional cohort study design was used. Clinically suspected cases were referred by different OPD’s of Sir Sunderlal Hospital for screening. Along with results of these tests other socio-demographic, economic information were also carried through structured pre-tested schedule method.
Result: Rheumatoid factor (RF) test screened 21.8% as positive which was approximately equal to AntiCCP (21.7%). CRP was observed some better test than RF and AntiCCP because it screened approximately one third cases. The sensitivity of RF, AntiCCP , CRP, CRP+AntiCCP, RF+AntiCCP, RF+CRP and RF+AntiCCP+CRP were 77.08, 75.0, 93.75, 97.92, 100, 93.75 and 100 percentages respectively. The overall accuracy was observed highest for RF.
Conclusion: The finding of this study illustrates that there is no single screening test is suitable to diagnose the RA disease. The combination of two screening tests had about 90% sensitivity which is increased up to 100% if three tests combined. Thus, these tests should be performed in all clinically suspected cases to find out the diseased.

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