Comparison of balance ability between basketball and football players

International Journal of Development Research

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Comparison of balance ability between basketball and football players

Dr. Usha Rani, K.


Sports has a very prominent role in a modern society it is important to an individual, a group , a nation- indeed the world. The two types test balance which are in common use in physical education are test of static balance and test of dynamic balance static balance may be defined as that physical ability which enables an individual to hold a stationary position. Whether statically or dynamically, depends upon the function of the mechanisms in the semi-circular canals, the kinesthetic sensation in the muscles, tendons, and joints, visual perception while the body is in Motions, and the ability to coordinate these three sources of stimuli. Balance is an important ability which is used in our everyday activities, such as in walking and standing, as well as in most games and sports. To achieve the purpose of the study, twenty players from each game namely basketball and football players from college students from Alagappa University College of Physical education Karaikudi were randomly selected as subjects. The subject’s age ranged from 18 to 25 years the players who participated inter collegiate tournaments were selected for this study. to measure the balance ability the standard test bass stick test was used. The collected data was calculated by‘t’ ratio. It was concluded that there was no significant difference between basketball and football in balance ability.

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