Comparison of India and china based on GCI index: Challenges ahead

Ajit Singh Naosekpam and Rupinder Tewari

India and China are emerging as leading economies of the world. The robust economic growth of these two countries is largely attributed to the significant progress in the domains of science and technology. China and India share similarities in population size, market size, natural resources, investment risk and market entry barriers. In spite of these similarities, China has recently forged ahead of India both in terms of overall developmental achievements and economic growth. India has developed commendable strength in a few key areas such as space, atomic science and technology, information technology and pharmaceuticals. However, India has progressed at a slow pace vis a vis China. A comparative study of these two countries based on the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) 2015-16 throws light on the crucial indicators where India and China needs to improve in order to move forward.

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   Vol. 07, Issue 01, January 2017



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