Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide in anxious children: a review

International Journal of Development Research

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Conscious sedation with nitrous oxide in anxious children: a review

Amanda Aparecida Marques, Thaina Gracini da Silva, Leonardo Tadeu Wenzel Ferreira, Idiberto José Zotarelli Filho, Marcelo Augusto Rudnik Gomes, Patrícia Garani Fernandes and Leandro Moreira Tempest


Introduction: During clinical practice, we can find patients with physical and mental behaviors who are not able to co-operate with dental care. Among them the anxiety and immaturity of children, which are the most frequent in the care. In order for us to achieve ease, safety and tranquility for the development of procedures, we may choose to use conscious sedation through premedication or sedation with nitrous oxide / oxygen. Thus, they are used in an adequate way so as not to compromise the patient's health. It is considered effective and great for pediatric treatments. Objective: it was approached that conscious sedation for pediatric dentistry treatments brings safe and valid forms, especially in children who do not cooperate with care. Methods: Experimental and clinical studies were included (case reports, retrospective, prospective and randomized trials) with qualitative and / or quantitative analysis. The words were included "nitrous oxide", "conscious sedation", "sedation in children", "clinical research". Conclusion: Sedation with N2O is described by several professionals successfully during pediatric dentistry and is an excellent aid in controlling the behavior of children who are mildly or moderately anxious. Gas presents itself as an efficient sedative agent, promoting more relaxed and comfortable care for both the patient and the dentist.

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