Contemporary issues and teacher education programme

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Contemporary issues and teacher education programme

Dr. Narendra kumar singh


Researcher has tried to explore that contemporary issues in Indian education why teach to teacher trainees in educational institution. Today is need to all teachers ( inservice/ preservice) have proper knowledge about Indian concerns of education and how many attempts has done for educational improvement of children. Keeping all critic of education Justice verma committee have thinked with pain that our teacher education institutes not prepare the teacher for Indian society by they produce salesman only. Jvc has prepared the programme schedule of teacher education institute and recommend the suggestions that MHRD, NCTE and UGC that reconstruct the curriculum of teaching profession for which two years courses has constructed and run since 2015. In this syllabus contemporary issues in Indian education is compulsory paper to study for all teacher trainees. According to Jvc suggestions VBSPU Jaunpur UP has constructed two years course for teacher trainees including contemporary Indian education. Researcher has used critical analytical approaches of methodology and found the result that contemporary education should be compulsory for all.

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