Demonizing the border of brazil-paraguay: a test on media violence

International Journal of Development Research

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Demonizing the border of brazil-paraguay: a test on media violence

Valdir Aragão do Nascimento, Sônia Maria Oliveira de Andrade and Valter Aragão do Nascimento


In this manuscript, we seek to present and analyze the sociocultural facts that engender the media demonization of the Brazil / Paraguay border by the mass communication. The aim of this paper was to discuss in a succinct way the influence of the mass media in the construction of the social imaginary of Paraguayans and Brazilians with respect to the construction of representations on the phenomenon of violence on the Brazil / Paraguay border, especially in border cities of Pedro Juan Caballero (PY) and Ponta Porã (BR), as well as Ciudad del Este and Foz do Iguaçu (BR). In this manuscript a bibliographic and documentary methodology was adopted. The theoretical background adopted in the sequencing of argumentation is based on authors working with the mass communication, media and frontier categories, as well as researchers and theoreticians in the fields of communication sciences, anthropology, sociology and philosophy. This manuscript shows that it is necessary to elaborate discursive strategies that aim at the construction of other understandings about the reality of the Brazil / Paraguay border. Understandings that can be apprehended and interpreted beyond the media discourse about the Brazil / Paraguay border.

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