Design and development of bi-facial solar photovoltaic module

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Design and development of bi-facial solar photovoltaic module

Kanchan Kankale and Pote, R.S.


Today, in this era we want to produce more energy from various types of energy sources. Bifacial solar panel can be the best alternative to produce more energy because both sides as front and rear will absorb more energy. To make rear surface more absorptive as it is not in direct contact with sunlight we have to use more reflective surface. If we compare mono-facial and bi-facial solar panel, bi-facial solar panel 5% to 20% more output. We need a cheap and useful reflective surface such as plane mirror which will effectively boost up our output. As the name indicates our panel is light dependent from one side and other side takes the reflected rays. The design is optimized in such a way that it will achieve maximum yield from specific site setup. In this article we have taken the readings for both with and without reflector solar panel, for various angles of inclination of solar panel and calculated the values of current.

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