Developing reading intructional using contextual approach for first grades of primary students

Rohana Syamsuddin

The purpose of this research resulted in a model reading Instructional materials for first grades of Elementary students use contextual approach in the form of textbooks and worksheets. This book is very helpful teachers and students to achieve this goal, researchers used a model of development: (1) pre-development through literature studies, surveys, observation and interviews, assessment, requirements analysis, (2) the initial development: designing draft model, evaluation of draft (expert testing), limited testing, revision and initial validation, (3) the development of models, field trials, evaluation and revision of the design model, and (4) validation and application of models. The focus of the study (1) aspects of the design, (2) the content, and (3) the relevance. To test the feasibility of the product that is through small groups, readability test, and test feasibility. The experiment was conducted in Makassar. The research method using triangulation. The technique of collecting data through interviews, observations, questionnaires. The data analysis technique using instrument: (1) the data identifying the needs of teachers and students, (2) test data experts, (3) test data legibility, and (4) the effectiveness of the test data of materials. Instrument identification of needs using validity and test readability. Result of research shows that reading instructional materials that have been prepared tested on students who are new to the class I. In the experiments teaching materials to read of this show very high student enthusiasm for learning reading. This is reinforced by the class teacher found reading teaching materials developed students are very enthusiastic and motivated to learn to read.

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