The e-banking in emerging markets

International Journal of Development Research

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The e-banking in emerging markets


E-banking has been considered as a revolution in the banking industry, where most banking transactions have been facilitated for both banks and customers. It brings many important benefits that shifted strategies and operations positively in economies, E-banking has changed the view of banks and allowed them to change their strategic behavior as well. The market has become more transparent allowing businesses as well as retailers to compare the services of different banks easily. Although it still faces some major challenges. Regulatory Challenge, Legal Challenge, Operational Challenge, Reputational Challenge, Security Challenge, The Ability to Adopt Global Technology to Local Requirements, The Ability to Strengthen Public Support for E-finance, Bank Management and Regulatory Authorities, Cross-border E-banking, Electronic and Traditional Banking. Moreover many studies taken that shows how emerging markets adopted the e-banking and challenges that still faces and suggested improvements for each market to influence better the e-banking. Such markets as India, Nigeria, Iran, Estonia, Jordan, Slovakia, Singapore, Pakistan, Tunis.

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