Economic indicators of navel orange and KEITT mango: Comparison of net greenhouses VS. Open field

Mohamed, A. A. A. and Medany, M. A.

Through the use of the structures of greenhouses which used to grow vegetables, in addition to the design of simple models of the structures with local materials to cultivate some fruit crops are very important in terms of economic consideration, which can be exported in large quantities to foreign markets such as navel orange and some pygmy mango varieties. The study was carried out at the Bossaily Protected Agriculture unit in Egypt to measure the performance, efficiency of production and the revenue during the cultivation period 2007- 2013. Two different systems of cultivation of Keitt mango (Mangifera indica, L.) and navel orange (Citrus sinensis, L. Osbeck) were compared: the traditional system of protected cultivation and a new system of performance and management of production processes under screen net. Results showed that the navel orange average yield under screen net was 18.9 tons/ feddan (4200 m2), comparing with 12.3 tons/ feddan in the open field during 2007- 2013. Meanwhile, the annual net return in screen net was L.E 9940 per feddan, while net return in the open field was L.E 6451 per feddan. The result showed that for Keitt mango, the average of annual yield under screen net was 4.725 tons/ feddan and 2.3 tons/ feddan for the open field during 2007- 2013. Furthermore, the annual net return in screen net was L.E 27467 per feddan, while the net return for the open field was L.E 10843 per feddan.

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