Effect handling technique of skipjack tuna on board

International Journal of Development Research

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Effect handling technique of skipjack tuna on board

Christina Litaay, Sugeng Hari Wisudo, John Haluandan and Bambang Harianto


Bad handling technique on board for skipjack tuna could cause a decrease in the fish quality. Maintaining fish freshness plays an important role in determining quality of fish product. Study about chilling methods and storage time effect were conducted from November to December 2015. The study aimed to analyze the effects of different chilling method and storage time on the pH and organoleptics of skipjack tuna. Fish sampling were taken from the Seram Sea, Maluku Province. Chilling method was done by using different ratios of ice and fish: without ice, ratio of 1:1 between ice and fish, and ratio of 1:2 between ice and fish. The storage time for each treatment was 0, 2, 4, and 6 hours.The result of the study showed that chilling method using ratio of 1:1 between ice and fish and 6 hours storage time resulted in the best quality of fish with pH of 6.30 and organoleptics score of 8.79.

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