Effect of safari (crotalaria Senegalensis) husk and sorghum husk (sorghum bicolor) on the performance of desert lambs

Asma H. M. Hamed

The experiment was conducted at animal production farm, faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Gadarif to investigate the effect of Safari (Crotalaria senegalensis) huskand Sorghum husk (Sorghum bicolor) on the performance of desert lambs. Twelve desert lamb males were selected (6-9 month of age) from animal production farm flock with average weight 26.7 kg. Animals were distributed randomly to three treatments with four replicates as follows: Treatment A offered Sorghum husk (100%), treatment B (50% Sorghum husk + 50% Safari husk) and treatment C (100% Safari husk). Safari husk and Sorghum husk were offered adlibitum as basal diet with 300g/animal/day concentrate. The experiment lasted for eight weeks with the first two weeks as adaptation period. Feed and water intake, weight gain and feed conversion ratio were determined. Results showed that treatment B (50% Safari husk+50% Sorghum husk) was highest in daily feed intake (1.195kg) followed by treatment A (100% Sorghum husk)(0.995kg) and treatment C(100% Safari husk) was the lowest (0.890kg). Daily water consumption was 5.12, 5.11 and 4.44 Liter for treatment A,B and C respectively and treatment C was significantly lowest(P≤0.05) and there was no significant difference between the other treatments. The daily weight gain was significantly highest in treatment B(137.44g) followed by treatment C(94.62g) and treatment B was the lowest(89.75g).Final body weight was 35.76,33.43 and 32.89 kg for treatment C,A and B respectively. There was no significant difference found between treatments (P≥0.05) in feed conversion ratio although treatment C was the best (10.15) followed by treatment B (10.34) and treatment A (12.35). The study concluded that Safari husk and Sorghum husk had low nutritive value and can be used as a basal diet for ruminants, especially in the dry season and should be supplemented for better utilization.

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