Effect of various factors on properties of maxillofacial silicones- a review

Dr. Ankita Chamaria, Dr. Meena Ajay Aras, Dr. Vidya Chitre and Dr. Kennedy Mascarenhas

Purpose- The aim of this review was to understand the effect of disinfectants, aging, storage time, pigments and opacifiers on dimensional stability, detail reproduction, mechanical properties and colour stability of maxillofacial silicones.
Study selection- A computerized database search using PubMed was conducted for peer-reviewed scientific research studies regarding the effect of disinfectants, aging, storage period, pigments and opacifiers on various properties of maxillofacial silicones, with no restriction for publication years. The search engine provided numerous results, out of which 54 scientific research papers, case studies, literature reviews were considered relevant for this review.
Results- A total of 123 titles were identified with the initial search. 70 were selected based on title and abstract. Of these after discussion and complete reading, 54 were selected according to the inclusion and exclusion criteria, all of which were in vitro studies.
Conclusion- Disinfection, storage time, pigments and opacifiers influence various properties of silicones but most of them remain within the clinically acceptable ranges. Interaction between these factors should be understood and accordingly the materials and additives are to be chosen.

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