Effective leadership in school


Leadership in school is one topic that is always interesting to be studied and researched, because most observed and at the same time the least understood phenomena. The objective of this paper is to describe principal roles in prcaticing an effective leadership in school. The result shows a pricipals's leadership role as a driving force in the process of cooperation between people in the schools. An effective school leadership is a leader who has the intellectual capability, maximizing all its potential and continue to fix the potential to continue to learn. The principal has the authority and full responsibility for implementing all educational activities within the school environment. He’s carrying out this task within several competencies (personal, managerial, entrepreneur, supervision, and social competence). Also an effective principals must know a good education is needed in schools, a required to improve the quality of schools, and managing the school to achieve the best performance.

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           Prof. Dr. Bilal BİLGİN

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