Effectiveness of blended learning approach in teaching of educational psychology among b.ed trainees’

Deivam, M. and Dr. Devaki, N.

Different learning problem required different solutions. Each learners required unique learning and unique style but there is one better solution to all types of learners that is blended learning. Blended learning environment amalgamates the advantages of distance education with the effective aspects of traditional education. The purpose of this study was to find out the effectiveness of blended learning instruction among student trainees’ achievement in Educational Psychology. This study was conducted during the fall of the 2013-2014. Participants were hundred (n=100) B.Ed trainees’ selected from Usha Latchumanan College of Education, thirukkanur, Puducherry. The Quasi experimental design was adopted for this study. The equal randomization group of control (n=50) and experimental group (n=50) was organised. Data analysed reveals that experimental group achievement score was higher than the control group. There is significant difference in mean scores of achievement in educational psychology of experimental and control group. This result shows that blended learning is more effective than the conventional method of teaching.

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