Eliminating the junk out of junk food

International Journal of Development Research

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Eliminating the junk out of junk food

Rakesh Sharma


A Good Health is the real Wealth. Adequate nutrition in the food which you eat helps in reducing the risk of many chronic diseases and in turns helps you in keeping our body healthy. When you are in hurry and hungry too you would prefer eating fast food because of its well known characteristics like fast, tasty and above all convenient. Children love it and so do adults. But it also contains lots of calories, sodium, sugar and of course fat. Though it seems to be economical but if you opt for a good fast food restaurant and that too for a full family then it will affect your pocket more in comparison to cooking at home. But the question can you transform junk food or fast food into healthy food? This is the hardcore reality that it is very hard to follow a healthy meal plan if you are visiting and having meals at fast food restaurants on regular intervals. Fast food has very content level of saturated fats, trans fatty acids, sugar, sodium and calories. Not only this but also it tends to be low in nutrients and lacks fruits, vegetables and fiber. That does not mean you should avoid fast food completely. It’s quite OK to have it once in a while, but so as to keep yourself healthy you cannot have it on regular basis. If you consume it regularly, it will be certainly giving ill effect on your health. The key is moderation, both in what you are ordering in fast food outlet and how frequently you are consuming that fast food. There are always options which can make your meal healthier than others. The study intends to identify the different ways, tips and menu recommendations which can help in transforming the junk food into healthy food.

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