An empirical study of the consumer awareness and acceptance of online shopping in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Zaid Ahmad Ansari and Dr. Abdulrahman Alhazemi

Purpose: The main objective of this study is to find out the level of consumer awareness about online shopping in Saudi Arabia. The study also aims to compare the awareness level about online shopping between Saudi and Non Saudi consumers. The study aims to suggest the needed action for enhancing the online shopping activity in the country. Methodology: The study was based on primary data collected from 400 respondents residing across the country in Saudi Arabia. The data was collected through structured close ended questionnaire originally written in English language and translated into Arabic language to encourage high response rate from the respondents who were mainly Arabic speakers. Findings: The people of Saudi Arabia including Saudis and Non Saudis are aware about the concept of online shopping, and its scope. However they are not aware of the benefits mainly the competitive prices offered on online shops. It seems that sue to the lack of awareness about the benefits of online they are not much interested. The enablers of online shopping such as use of smart phone, tablets, laptops and internet are very encouraging. Implications: The people should be made aware about various benefits of online shopping. The marketing campaign may focus educating people about the price competitiveness of online shops, payment options, safety and security of personal and financial information.

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