Encompassing environmental needs into csr and its implications

International Journal of Development Research

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Encompassing environmental needs into csr and its implications

Arshi Barin


The emergence of globalization, scarcity of natural resources, rising concern for environmental degradation, pollution and public awareness has forced the business houses to undertake CSR activities. Moreover, the section 135 of the Companies Act 2013 has also made it compulsory for the companies to include social responsibilities into their strategic management process. Responsibility towards environment has become one of the key areas of social responsibility. The developing nations like India, are facing the problem of promoting economic development without adversely affecting the enjoyment of the natural resources by future generations (sustainable development). This challenging scenario is making companies to take full responsibility of their products, services and operational activities while taking into consideration their impact on the surroundings. In today’s world, which is dominated by technological tools such as internet, social media and all, it has become crucial for businesses to maintain a good image in order to keep their vehicle rolling smoothly. The goal of this paper is to highlight the current CSR practices of select Indian companies and how these companies encompass environmental aspects into CSR activities. Some concrete steps are also suggested on how to create a globally accepted CSR framework for a better tomorrow with special focus on environment.

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