Ethnism and factors predicting to the abusive use of alcohol

International Journal of Development Research

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Ethnism and factors predicting to the abusive use of alcohol

Leilane Trindade Gomes, Valdélio Bispo de Oliveira, Mauro Fernandes Teles, Beatriz Rocha Souza, Matheus Lemos, Felipe Oliveira Bittencourt, Adriana Lopes Rodrigues Alves and Stênio Fernando Pimentel Duarte


Ethnicism is seen as abusive use of alcohol, a chronic intoxication, which harms an individual's physiological and psychic system, used to provide relief from undesirable manifestations offered by abstinence. This is a quantitative research, observational and cross-sectional, in a municipality in the interior of Bahia (latitude: 14º 51 '58 "S; longitude: 40º 50' 22" W). The same is a fraction of a project titled "Epidemiological profile of obesity in the city of Vitória da Conquista / BA". We observed that the highest consumption of alcohol among individuals with "stressed life" is in the female sex, and most individuals with a diagnosis of alcoholism are stressed; the act of consuming alcoholic beverages is not influenced by the fact that the person is anxious or working the same; the schooling can influence the consumption of alcoholic beverages, presenting differences between this variable; the consumption of alcohol by women did not influence overweight as well as waist circumference and abdomen, but among women drinkers have measures in the risk range; a positive relationship was observed between individuals who consumed alcohol routinely and the variable GOT and GPT. The present study showed that alcohol consumption by the subjects of the study has as main objective to provide relief from stress and anxiety situations, experience in the work environment.

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