Evaluation of the level of infestation species of Agroecosystems woody by Loranthaceae in the region Sud-Comoe (Côte d’ivoire)

Amon, A. D. E., Soro, D. and Soro K. et Traoré, D.

Currently, obesity is a major health problem worldwide because of its rising prevalence and strong association with pathological disorders such as cardio vascular diseases, diabetes- type 2, hypertension, infertility and some forms of cancer. Nanotechnology has been developed into a multidisciplinary field of applied science and technology for target application. People prefer to take antiobesity drugs to reduce body weight rather than work outs. But these conventional drugs may cause adverse effects on heart and other organs. Nanoemulsion is considered as a potential drug delivery system with practical pharmaceutical applications. Oleoresin capsicum (OC) is an organic solvent extracted from dried ripe red pepper. The distribution of Nano Oleoresin capsicum (NOC) has particle size of 20 - 50 nm in diameter. In a rat study, NOC reduced the body weight and adipose tissue mass compared to OC as the action of NOC was on the target site.

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