Experimental analysis of convective heat transfer coefficient for pool boiling of milk and water

Hari Babu, A. V., Sandeep Kumar, J. A., Ramesh Kumar Babu, S., Subba Rao, D. R. and Sudhakar Reddy, M.

When a liquid is in contact with a surface maintained at a temperature above the saturation temperature of the liquid, boiling will eventually occur at that liquid-solid interface. Conventionally, based on the relative bulk motion of the body of a liquid to the heating surface, the boiling is divided into two categories; pool boiling and convective boiling. Boiling is a very effective and efficient mode of heat transfer, and it is encountered in various engineering applications. Khoa making is one of the important applications which involve boiling of milk with an aim of evaporating the large quantity of water present in it. Khoa is a heat dissipated milk product which forms an important base for the preparation of variety of milk sweets. The main objective of the project is to analyze heat transfer during pool boiling of milk and water in an aluminum pan of diameter 21.5 cm and thickness 1.2mm under closed condition for different heat inputs varying from 220 to 340 W. During heating of milk the evaporated water was condensed at the inner surface of the condensing cover which is separated through a pump system and analysis of heat transfer characteristics of the water and milk through pool boiling over a flat heater is carried. The Convective heat transfer coefficient for pool boiling of milk & water is investigated.

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