Extreme rehabilitation of a dental root EEFC technique

International Journal of Development Research

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Extreme rehabilitation of a dental root EEFC technique


Introduction: when there is a fracture of a tooth, the root is usually difficult to reconstruct. The objective is to describe an EEFC technique of endodontic-extrusion-fixation-crown, for restoration of that root. Material and methods: a literature review limited to endodontic, extrusion, fixation and crown restoration techniques on roots of fractured teeth has been made, to describe a technique that can be used in general. Results: The description of the EEFC technique is in figures 1-6. Conclusion: the technique EEFC for the restoration of a root is described in four steps: 1.- endodontic, 2.- immediate extrusion with forceps, 3.- fixing with dental floss and composite for 3 months, and 4.- placement of a crown.

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