Factor analysis of jacho dimensions on fdi corporate hospitals in India with special reference to delhi and ncr region-an empirical study

Seema Gupta and Masood Hasan

While ever increasing demand for healthcare services after allowance of 100% FDI under automatic route in health care sector, on one hand, brings enormous opportunities and huge potentials for profits causing foreign players and non resident Indians to enter the Indian healthcare market. On another hand, this huge potential and profit making opportunities has been a constant pressure on health care providers and administrators to meet as well as to satisfy the ever increasing expectation of patients. Such challenging circumstances have an urgent call for a critical analysis of those factors/ dimensions which have direct or indirect bearing on profits, patient’s satisfaction and the justification of the existence and growth of FDI Corporate Hospitals in India. Thus, the present study which is a part of a larger study ,is an attempt to document the various JACHO factors which are responsible measuring the quality in the corporate hospitals, Thus study will suggest the most prominent factors/dimensions to strengthen those underlying component variables which have favourable impact on the preference for these FDI corporate hospitals and will suggest corrective measures for those factors/dimensions which are hindering the expansion and growth of FDI corporate hospitals.

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           Prof. Dr. Bilal BİLGİN

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   Vol. 07, Issue 02, February 2017



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