Factors that would optimize learning among adolescent lebanese students

International Journal of Development Research

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Factors that would optimize learning among adolescent lebanese students

Feghali, Y., AlOjaimi, M., Hadchity, E., Rahal, M., Ghanem, B., Greige, W., Dagher, R., Nassif, D., Elias, M.B., Fahed, F. and Fadous Khalife, M. C.


Introduction: Adolescence has a huge influence on the learning potential of students .Our purpose is to look for factors that impact Lebanese adolescents’ academic performance. Materials and Methods: A multiregional epidemiological national study from 18 schools during 2014-2015.Questionnaires were distributed to 2506 students 11-18 y.old. Internationally validated scores were used. School performance was evaluated subjectively and objectively. Results were analyzed using IBM SPSS Statistics. Results: Females had higher average (p<0.0001), lower BMI (p<0.001) and higher score on Depression scale (p=0.008). Reading (p<0.0001), doing homework (p=0.001) and praying (p=0.016) were factors influencing school performance positively. Cellphones (p=0.001), video games (p=0.011) and bedtime sports (p=0.013) negatively impact performance. Lack of sleep, sleep quality index, depression and self-esteem scores negatively influence average - p<0, 0001. Conclusion: Adolescent’s depression, self-esteem and sleep quality problems should be addressed in schools hoping to optimize adolescents’ school performance.

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