Farmers vs. agricultural labourers: A comparative analysis of two rural socioeconomic groups

Chinmay Patel

More than half of the world’s second largest population is directly dependent on agriculture. Within these people, there are two main socioeconomic groups- landless agricultural labourers and land-owning farmers. This study is aimed at understanding the socio-economic status and the disparities of socio- economic level between these different groups of the agricultural sector. The report- based on primary data collected during the year 2015-16- presents and compares the socio-economic statuses of 346 farmers and agricultural labourers in Dabhoi Taluka (division of district) of Vadodara District of Gujarat. The classifications have been made by considering all need-based aspects such as land size, income source, debt, education, family income and productivity. The end conclusion is derived based on analysis of the primary data acquired through surveys in 39 villages of Rural Dabhoi and displays the high extent of disparities between the different groups.

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