Flexible broadcasting of scalable video streams in broadband wireless system

International Journal of Development Research

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Flexible broadcasting of scalable video streams in broadband wireless system

Sarikaa, P. and Bhuvaneshwari, R.


This paper presents a unique cross-layer optimization framework to boost the standard of user expertise (QoE) and energy potency of the heterogeneous wireless multimedia system broadcast receivers. User grouping relies on the several UE resolution capabilities and received SNR. A UE capability is decided by the SB at the time of service subscription, once the UE sends its sort info, i.e., the amount of layers it needs to receive. The UE periodically updated its channel condition to the BS through the uplink channel. This joint optimization is achieved by grouping the users supported their device capabilities and calculable channel conditions tough by them and broadcasting adaptive content to those teams. The adaptive multimedia system content is obtained by scalable video coding (SVC) with best supply cryptography parameters resulted from AN innovative cooperative game. Energy saving at user terminals results from employing a layer-aware time slicing approach within the transmission stage. Time slicing approach permits discontinuous reception at the UEs, thereby facilitating the UE to turn-off the radio once not receiving knowledge bursts and thence saving energy. A trade-off between energy saving and QoE is determined, and is incorporated within the definition of a utility operate of the players within the developed heterogeneous user composition and physical channel aware game. AN adaptive modulation and writing theme is additionally optimally incorporated so as to maximize the reception quality of the printed receivers, whereas increasing the network broadcast capability. Compared to the standard broadcast schemes, the projected framework shows AN considerable improvement in QoE levels for all users, whereas achieving higher energy-savings for the energy unnatural users.

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