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S.No Manuscript No Title Status Edit
1 8181 Study of chemical composition and antimicrobial activity of mud dauber wasps nest soil LIVE
2 8165 Terry Towels – A product of textile industry LIVE
3 8104 Maternal Health Care and Practices of Hill Korwa Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups Women of Chhattisgarh LIVE
4 8063 An endoscopic study for portal hypertensive colopathy and lower gastrointestinal bleeding in cirrhotic Egyptian patients with history of hematemesis LIVE
5 8183 Ethnobotanical study of non-timber forest products in livelihood of tribal community of ayodha hill,purulia LIVE
6 8210 Significance of clinical parameters in diagnosis and management of renal failure LIVE
7 8190 The development situation of vietnamese digital libraries LIVE
8 8230 The expression of COX- 2 and TGF β in Oral submucous fibrosis LIVE
9 8154 Policy evaluation of the jawaharlal nehru solar mission: an initiative of government of India LIVE
10 8075 Research on the Combination of Sustainability and Ergonomics in Product Design LIVE
11 7995 Trend In Pain Among Postnatal Mothers at a Tertiary Care Hospital In South India LIVE
12 8205 Potential drivers, Limitations and Benefits in Implementing ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems for Organizations in Sri Lanka LIVE
13 8233 RP HPLC method for the estimation of Amikacin, aminoglycoside anti biotic LIVE
14 7784 Study of Toy Industry: An Overview of Changing Trends LIVE
15 8074 Seed System and Quality estimation of maize (Zea Mays L.) in Humid Tropics of Southern Ethiopia LIVE
16 8185 Size dependence of stress field around a prolate spheroidal nanosized cavity in an elastic cylindrical medium under remote torsi LIVE
17 8222 Phase diagram of the binary mixtures of 7OCB+8CB LIVE
18 8216 Perception of indoor spatial quality in public residences in akure, Nigeria LIVE
19 8129 Influence of insect pest control and tillage practice in corn varieties on the occurrence of asiatic corn borer LIVE
20 8151 Implementing Cooperative Learning Among Post Graduate Students: Lecturers’ Reflection LIVE
21 8124 Validation of an analysis method of 13 organochlorine pesticide residues in bivalves "oyters" using quechers extraction and gaz chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry ``GC-MS/MS`` LIVE
22 8038 How strategy influence organizational performance: an empirical investigation of an academy support centre LIVE
23 8092 Validity of the nutritional risk index as an indicator of malnutrition in hospitalized patients LIVE
24 8040 Spectrophtometeric determination of lincomycin in pharmaceutical medication LIVE
25 8098 Evaluation of packaging materials for transportation of apple LIVE
26 8122 A Randomised control trial of ondansetron and metoclopramide in the prevention of post operative nausea and vomiting in thyroidectomy patients LIVE
27 8093 Multidimesional analisis of fisheries sustainability in traditional use zone of misool, raja ampat, Indonesia LIVE
28 7931 Nanoparticles LIVE
29 8077 Effect of White Tea (Camellia sinensis) On Cognitive Performance LIVE
30 8067 Novel single day premedication regimen for prevention of paclitaxel- induced hypersensitivity reaction LIVE
31 7983 Family adjustment among working women of raipur city of chhattisgarh state (With special reference to college professor & nurses LIVE
32 8035 Effects of the application of mineral and organic fertilizers on maize (Zea Mays L)crop yieldand chemical fertility of asoil in the Soudano-Sahelian zone LIVE
33 7619 Women as factor in peacemaking and peacebuilding in the niger delta region LIVE
34 7975 Mechanical Design and Production Engineering Department, Cairo University, Giza 12211, Egypt LIVE

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