Fracture risk assessment inpost-menopausal women with frax tool

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Fracture risk assessment inpost-menopausal women with frax tool

Jeffrey Xavier, A. and Dr. Hephzibah Kirubamani, N.


In Postmenopausal women Osteoporosis is a silent killer and cause substantial disability later on mortality .FRAX which is FRACTURE RISK ASSESSMENT TOOL was developed by the WHO to be applicable to postmenopausal women which uses clinical risk factors, and country-specific fracture and mortality data to quantify a patient's 10-year probability of a hip or major osteoporotic fracture from several clinical risk factors (CRFs) without the measurement of femoral neck BMD.110post-menopausal women who attended the Saveetha obstetrics and Gynaecology department were included inthe study. After informed consent women were interviewed with Questions from the validated questionnaire.The collected details was entered in the official FRAX calculation tool without BMD and FRAX score was calculated. 64% women were between 45 to 55 years, 36% women were between 55 to 65 years of age. History of parental fracture was present in 5%, current smoking in5%, glucocorticoids intake in 8%.Rheumatoid arthritis in 4%.According to FRAX tool score 66% women comes under LOW RISK, 30 % comes under MODERATE RISK and 4% comes under HIGH RISK for major osteoporotic fracture. Probability of hip fracture 79% in LOW RISK, 14% MODERATE RISK GROUP and 6% HIGH RISK groups FRAX tool is cost effective tool to predict probability of fracture risk in post-menopausal women.

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