Geimification and journalism

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

Geimification and journalism

Aleksander F. Ivanko, Mikhail A. Ivanko, Elena V. Kulikova and Julia M. Sultanova


In work the concept of gaming is considered; Its positive and negative aspects for journalism were noted; Give examples of games that are applied; The problems of using games in practice in journalism are described. The urgency of the study is due to the emergence of new information multimedia devices, the emergence of information space and the fact that modern technologies gradually fill a huge space around us, including journalism. In this regard, this article is aimed at identifying and uncovering new trends in modern media space, journalism, since gaming does no doubt make society's life brighter and more accessible, allows you to acquire information in a more simple and understandable way for the younger generation, and in Journalism raises the degree of involvement of all participants of the information society in the problems of modern life. The main approaches and methods to investigating this problem are questions of the use of gaming as a journalist tool, which has obvious advantages. In journalism, it is the attraction of the public's attention with the help of non-traditional game technologies. Different variants of gaming technologies are presented in the article, specific features of each of the presented are revealed, possibilities of using new technologies in journalism are revealed, which allows to consider comprehensively the use of computer games popular with young people for dissemination of information. The materials of the article are of practical value for journalists, as they offer new tools built on the use of modern gaming technologies, as well as the capabilities of the information community.

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