Good governance: origin, importance and development in India

International Journal of Development Research

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Good governance: origin, importance and development in India

Dr. Rahul Tripathi


The concept of ‘Governance’ is not new. It is as old as government itself. Both the terms are derived respectively, from the old French words gouvernance and governement. Initially their meanings were very close, referring to acts or manner of government. The concept of Good Governance has gained prominence around the world in recent times. It has become a buzzword in the vocabulary of polity and administrative reform, mainly due to the importance given to it by international community. Good Governance signifies a participative manner of governing that functions in a responsible, accountable, and transparent manner based on the principles of efficiency, legitimacy, and consensus for the purpose of promoting the rights of individual citizens and the public interest, thus indicating the existence of political will for ensuring the material welfare of society and sustainable development with social justice.

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