He for She: Changing scenario of urbanized Indian women

International Journal of Development Research

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Review Article

He for She: Changing scenario of urbanized Indian women

Dr. Ramnik Kaur


The increased pace of urbanization and modernization has been rapidly changing the Indian culture with regard to career development of women. Indian women belonging to all classes have entered into paid occupations. Presently, Indian women's exposure, especially in the urban areas towards educational opportunities is substantially higher than it was ten decades ago. This has unlocked new vistas, increased awareness and embossed inclination of personal growth. The nature of work-force has been changing and the percentage of men as wage earners and women as housewives has rapidly declined. Rather than following a transitional sequence from one role to another, women perform an accumulation of disparate roles simultaneously, each one with its unique pressures. Multiple role-playing has resulted in both positive and negative effects on the mental health and well-being of professional women. This paper discusses the factors affecting the changing role of women and the effect of these roles on them.

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