How to improve decision making knowledge management

International Journal of Development Research

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Research Article

How to improve decision making knowledge management

Joaquim Rodrigo de Oliveira, Stéfano Frizzo Stefenon, Cristina Keiko Yamaguchi, Anne Carolina Rodrigues Klaar and Marcio Jose Sembay


The analysis in this article refers to how important is the management of technology, since contemporary organizations present countless problems, having to make decisions constantly, without forgetting that these same organizations can not fail, because it is necessary to be agile and accurate. This article addresses the main needs of different organizational levels that make decisions and compare organizational problems to systems that provide them with secure solutions. We analyze the importance of knowledge management as a strong impact in daily decision making at all levels and organizations, optimizing and reducing costs if applied and used properly. We emphasize the importance of the organization knowing that it uses a tool that will meet its needs, increasing its productivity and providing growth and security in its decisions.

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