Identification of the composition of growth hormones in the tuber of dioscoreaalata

Anthony Walsen, PraptoYudono, EkoHanudin and DidikIndradewa

The identification of the growth hormones in the D. alata’stuber was conducted to investigate the composition (mg/l) of auxin, gibberellin and cytokinin in the three sectional parts of the D. alata’stuber in order to understand the potential aspects of the other parts of the tuber to be used as the seed. The findings show that the head, middle and tail sections of the D. alata’stuber content at least one growth hormone with the concentration of averagely more than 2.5 mg/l. Auxin was found in all sections with a significant concentration of ~ 2.8 mg/l. The head section is likely to cause a rapid growth of shoots due to the presence of auxin and gibberellin with a considerable concentration (c.a. 2.9 mg/l). Additionally, the concentration of cytokinin (i.e. zeatin and kinetin) is very moderate (< 0.2 mg/l) indicating a predominant role of apical dominance in the D. alata’stuber.

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